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Black Folks in Design (BFiD) is a network that connects Black designers to ourselves, both within and across disciplines, in order to support each other and share professional opportunities. We seek to expose the historical and current mastery and excellence of Black designers to the broader design community and relevant stakeholders, and ultimately create economic and portfolio- building opportunities for Black designers. Black Folks in Design is unique in that it connects Black designers across the world from a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to architecture, fashion, interior design, graphic design, etc. BFiD creates opportunities for Black designers to connect in-person in thoughtful and beautiful spaces. We also provide resources to help the broader design community and our society understand the critical role of Black designers, acknowledge and identify them, and hire them. Design is part of our everyday lives – from the clothes, we put on in the morning to the toys we buy for our children to the offices and schools we work in every day. Black designers are a part of the group of aesthetic decision-makers and problem-solvers who create culture, content, and products that shape and change the world. Essentially, Black designers matter. We help the world see that.